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Beauty Benefits

Elevate your beauty regime™ with beautysleeve silk pillowcases.
Many hairdressers, beauty specialists and beauty bloggers use and recommend silk pillowcases for these reasons:
1.  Reduces 'Sleep crease'
Reduces compression facial lines caused by cotton or polyester pillowcases.
2.  Nurtures hair
Reduces hair frizz by reducing friction and allowing hair to glide.  This is a reason why hair salons recommend our product.
3.  Retains skin hydration
Silk pillowcases have a higher PH balance than cotton.  The beautysleeve™ preserves critical skin hydration by allowing face creams and natural oils to remain in place and be more effective.
4.  Maximises comfort
A good nights sleep is essential for cellular repair which leads to superior health and beauty outcomes.  Silk is a natural fibre which regulates temperature extremely well.  
5.  Minimises allergies
Silk pillowcases are naturally hypoallergenic.